Our Work

Brgy. Bulata has been the focus of PRRCFI in terms of community development and engagement but it’s efforts extend throughout the Southern Negros area. Since the establishment of Danjugan Island’s Nature Tourism Program (DINTP), staff members handling island operations are all from the local community. To date, DINTP employs at least 25 local staff members, supporting a network of at least 25 families from Brgy. Bulata and other nearby villages.

Just opposite the island, in Purok Tres, Brgy. Bulata, is our Danjugan Island Environmental Education Program (DEEP) Community Center where we hold activities such as coastal clean-ups and waste audit, film showing, recycling and other environmental awareness-raising activities. Also located in Purok Tres Brgy. Bulata is our Organic Demo Farm where we engage community members to grow fruits and vegetables in a sustainable way and without the use of pesticides. 100% of our income from our DINTP goes back to the community through projects with fisherfolk organizations on organizational and fisheries management.

Currently, we have 143 scholars from our neighboring villages and communities that have benefitted from the DEEP program, established in 2011. Many of them are fisheries, agriculture and forestry university students now on their fourth year in college and will be graduating soon. Our scholars are very vital in spreading awareness about the work we are doing in Danjugan Island as we have trained them in our various environmental education programs.