Marine & Wildlife Camps

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PRRCFI pioneered the first Marine and Wildlfe camp in 1992 with the main goal to inspire Today’s Youth to become Tomorrow’s Conservationists. Throughout the years, these camps have inspired many who have pursued careers in marine biology, environmental science and other natural science fields.  Resource speakers for the camps today were once campers.


Marine and Wildlife Camps are generally offered in the summer months (March – May). However, PRRCFI also conducts exclusive camps for schools at their own schedule.  Camps are usually 5 days and 4 nights, this can change depending on the need of the school.


In these camps, the youth come and live together in a small island, which is Danjugan, an island whose forests and reefs host an incredible diversity of terrestrial and marine species. The campers are taught by scientists, teachers, environmentalists who are in the forefront of forest and marine conservation.

Activities include introductions to snorkeling, trekking, bird watching, close encounters with wildlife, beach clean-ups, art activities and games. Lecture topics include  – Marine Ecosystems, The Coral Reef, Reef Fishes, Philippine Biodiversity, Birds, Bats, Climate Change and many more.