Marine and Wildlife Camps 2015

Marine and Wildlife Camps 2015


Mark your 2015 calendar for Danjugan Island’s Marine and Wildlife Camps!
A great way to start the year for adults (ages 18 and up)…
And an unforgettable summer waiting for the youth (ages 12-16).

What is a Marine and Wildlife Camp (MWC)?
For 5 days/4 nights (youth) and a weekend of 3 days/2 nights (adults), we live in a small island with seven ecosystems, its forests and reefs hosting an incredible diversity of land and sea life, together with teachers, scientists, and specialists who work for conservation and have the love and passion for the environment. We will experience eco-friendly living and enjoy nature at its best.
Educational activities include snorkeling, kayaking, trekking, birdwatching, earthing, sunrise and sunset viewing, games (there’s a race!), science and ecology lectures and workshops, film showing and discussions. The Marine and Wildlife Camp is a well-rounded program offering fun environmental education since 1992, and we are so glad to continue its tradition. In fact, there have been campers who returned years later to volunteer as camp scientists and teachers!

How do I join?
There is one Adult MWC open to ages 18 and up, on January 23-25, 2015.
And two Youth MWC open to ages 12-16, on April 7-11 and May 5-9, 2015.
Download the Information PDFs for the camp details at,
then fill out and send your registration/waiver form to

For any questions, you may contact Danjugan’s Island Manager Dave Albao at 0920-2818718 or email

Download the Info PDF and Registration/Waiver Form for Youth MWC 2015.
Adult Camp Info and Forms by request.

YouthMWC2015_Info YouthMWC2015_RegWaiverForm